Friday, 15 November 2013

#3. Wear Your Heart on Your Cheek

Its weekend again, and how's all going on? Hopefully everything goes well ayy.
It start for a raining most of the day here where I stay and weather is getting colder. This bright stripes sweater is quite help, still, in this situation, but maybe when it getting more colder I need to layer it with something else. However, this sweater is extremely hot as well when I wear it in the normal season. I match it with the socks that I just found it after an ages! This socks can be that short or even shorter or longer until under knee but I decided to have this length because I think this is the best. I don't know why but just this lately I don't really accessorize my self that much and sometimes I look really plain. I have make up on, that I inspired from Marina from Marina and the Diamonds, she has a cute little heart on her cheek.
If you read my couple post, or maybe more then couple, I planing to start to have my own online shop sometimes in this month, but I decided to postpone it might be until next year because I still preparing and I won't rush on it because I want the good one that came out. Finger cross, everything goes well hopefully, and if I ready to launch, I will announce it :)
Have a wonderful weekend, gorgeous <3

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Smiley Face

How was the Halloween, people? Hope you all have a great moment :)
I apologize before for my awkwardness for this post, I really have to cover my face, I believe no one of you guys wish to see any of my expression or my face here in this pictures, because me, my self and I the owner of that face it self, really wish to not see those kind of expression. I act like a fool and I dont know why. LOL
But anyway, this jumpsuit is diy jumpsuit that I made few weeks ago. Actually I'd like to match the color, I prefer the bottom color, its kind of pinky-purple-pastel, I don't know what it called. Then when I cut the fabric, I realize that those fabric isn't enough, luckily I found some other same tone color fabric and more lucky is the same material. Its browny-pinky-pastel maybe? This cut is not really complicated, it has a overlap for the top and the opening at the neck. And the pants just a oversize wide and both of top and bottom are got a simple pleats. And the back is bare back till the waist line. I guess this jumpsuit is fit to a casual party, yes?
Have a perfect weekend, peeps! Thank you for reading <3