Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Chronology

Happy Sunday! It such a while for not posting in the blog, I know. This few weeks and forward are the busiest weeks in this semester because I'm doing my final semester and that's mean tons of work that I need to do. Time is flying really fast that sometimes I can't imagine that I'm going graduate in no more then 8 weeks. Exciting but sad as well. There will be some "hello" to meet but there will be some "goodbye" as well, and I don't like about "goodbye" thingy for sure but there is life that we run it.

This outfits was taken quite a long time ago and I almost forget about it. My red pants I got it like 2 years ago from Mango and this is one of my best buy, its cost 10 bucks! And for the top is this black round studded un-sleeve shirt is super comfortable. For the lips I wear the matte lipstick from mac and I love the color, as well for the round mirror sunglass that just super cool! You won't know where I'm looking at ;) and end up with those badass yet feminine creepers, is one of my favorite shoes I can tell, if you read my one or couple previous post. However, I don't know is it can called creepers or not but the thick sole just perfect!
Have a nice days :)