Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Back to 50s

Feel like old fashion is still cool in the era. This outfit is one of my hand made. The first time i saw the fabric i do falling love with it, and it reminds me of 50s pattern that polkadots start popular at that era. This consist of 2 pieces, it a crop top and half circle skirt under knee length.
I am thinking of re-stocking or adding this outfits for my clothing line collection, how do you think? Should I? And maybe i will share my collection here in this blog soon :)
Have a nice week ahead, loves <3

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Early Christmas

Hi peeps! Quite long time since the last post, I really don't post that much this lately because some work I'm doing. Hopefully you all doing really well :)
In this post I just randomly post about my look today. Super casual and comfortable for just hang out or chilling with your old friends, maybe? I'm mixing a sweater and an origami skirt that I made my self. and the color came out with red and about greenish? I dont know what my skirt color called! LOL. However, it reminds me of Christmas color, and its already few month away from Christmas, how time fly really fast, ayy?
And in this middle season between summer and fall, I guess sweater and a short skirt is work quite well together.
Hope you all enjoy my blog, and see you on my next post! Have a nice day <3