Saturday, 14 December 2013



Happy weekend people!
2013 is nearly end, just within few weeks, what you guys up to for Christmas and new year? Whatever it is I hope yall have the great time. This year been threat me really well and hopefully next year even better :)
This outfit I took few days ago, the red tone and green leafs remind me of Christmas. I just find this bodysuit top in my wardrobe, but actually its quite old already, maybe like 2/3 years ago but still comfortable! And for the skirt, its 1 full round skirt that I made my self, I put a scarf as well that I think can be accessorize and that pretty warm your neck if you live at the colder place. For the shoes I took the same tone as the beanie and skirt, and I'm wearing this shoes just none stop! For other accessories such as necklace or ring, I just remove it from this outfit because I think the tartan pattern of the skirt is eye-catching, but if there is some ring or bangle or necklace I think thats can be totally fine and cool as well.
I guess thats it for this post and I'll see you soon on the next post, gorgeous people! Have a wonderfull wonderfull wonderfullll weekend <3