Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pumpkin Day

Happy Halloween everyone! Wish you all have a great Halloween day wherever you are :)
This look isn't really that into Halloween costume actually, but if you can see altough its not clear enough, I had my skull pattern on my harem pants, I know, thats doesn't even mean I just wear it for Halloween but whatever. I got this pants somewhere over the online shop few years ago, and this pants is extremely super comfy! I'm not lying but for the first few months when I got this pants, I almost wear it non-stop! Really! Then the crop shirts I got it from Topshop. And for sandals I forget where I got it but this one is quite new and comfortable as well, this sandals is just can perfectly hide my huge foot I guess. I added a little devil ear, I just found it that I get it from one of the night theme park few years ago when me and my siblings did a vacation.
So, I don't really celebrate Halloween honestly. However, I remember when I was 5 years old, I celebrate a Halloween for the first time with some of my neighbors, my brother and my nanny as well. We were dress up like whatever we want to, there are a princess, superhero, zombie, scary nurse, witch and etc, we didn't really had a trick or treat, or maybe I can say we just did the treat? Each of us bring a basket of sweets and chocolate and we gather around somewhere together and exchange it then we just chit chat, playing, and take some photos and I still those photos anyway. But, as I grow older, I never did it anymore, but last year I went to costume party with my girls and my friends and that super fun! I usually missed the Halloween event or sometimes I spend it at home watching horror movie, I'm such a huge, massive, big, fanatic fans of horror film, but won't watch it alone, there must be someone with me even that person doesn't watch it, at least there must be a human near me.
What you guys up to for this Halloween? Or what you guys did when you were a kid?
Happy Halloween again, readers <3 :) xoxo

Friday, 18 October 2013

B for BasicBlack

It's been such a while again since my last post, I don't know what I'm busy for but I just keep have something to done. So, here is it just a new post for this month. I'm wearing this little black sleeved-flare-dress (or whatever else, i'm not sure what this outfit called). I think like other people said, black is never fail, its a commercial color, long life color, never end color. its just everything. Its actually my mom dress and I have no idea where she got this cute dress. And I pair it with neon orange scarf that I got few years back and I still remember I buy this scarf with my one of my favorite dude back then in collage life. This orange scarf color is pop out pretty well I guess, and I added some more orange from my ring that I got from Forever21, as well the mini folded hand bag that I got from H&M. Then also my necklace is from (x) s.m.l they just have a huge sale for accessories. End up with open toe heels from Yongki Komaladi, this heels probably could be my new best friend because its comfortable! And I choose nude or maybe we called it skin color because I think this color is quite neutral and I think it give an effect for longer leg if you wear something short,no? hahahaha
Thats it for this post I guess, see you guys anytime soon <3 Have a nice weekend, people :)