Friday, 18 October 2013

B for BasicBlack

It's been such a while again since my last post, I don't know what I'm busy for but I just keep have something to done. So, here is it just a new post for this month. I'm wearing this little black sleeved-flare-dress (or whatever else, i'm not sure what this outfit called). I think like other people said, black is never fail, its a commercial color, long life color, never end color. its just everything. Its actually my mom dress and I have no idea where she got this cute dress. And I pair it with neon orange scarf that I got few years back and I still remember I buy this scarf with my one of my favorite dude back then in collage life. This orange scarf color is pop out pretty well I guess, and I added some more orange from my ring that I got from Forever21, as well the mini folded hand bag that I got from H&M. Then also my necklace is from (x) s.m.l they just have a huge sale for accessories. End up with open toe heels from Yongki Komaladi, this heels probably could be my new best friend because its comfortable! And I choose nude or maybe we called it skin color because I think this color is quite neutral and I think it give an effect for longer leg if you wear something short,no? hahahaha
Thats it for this post I guess, see you guys anytime soon <3 Have a nice weekend, people :)


  1. Hello lovely, just came across your blog and it's great! You look really gorgeous here, love your style!

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  2. Love that dress, the scarf looks so good with it :)
    Sarah x

  3. Wow, great look and cute photos!!!! you look very beautiful!!! :)

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    Kisses dear!! ^^

  4. Gorgeous, I love your shoes <3
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  5. hi dear!! thanks for follow!!! now i follow you too, my nick is reich_super_244 and the photo is not the same
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  6. Dear, love so much this dress!! It is perfect!!!

  7. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! one can never have enough little black dresses!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  8. Love your outfit look so pretty with the scarf, I just followed you back via bloglovin! Do keep in touch (: x

  9. Pretty outfit, between who takes your photos?Xx

  10. The black dress is very cute. Love your sunnies and the ring :)
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  12. Lovely dress. Will you like to follow each other on GFC, FB and Twitter? Please let me know on my blog!!!Love
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  13. I love how this look is both casual and classy. ♡ :-)

    ~Melodies In The Sand~

  14. Great look, I love the nude heels whose color merge with the color of the skin!

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡)

  15. Gorgeous background and I love that coral ring!
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  16. Very pretty look, you're shoes are adorable!

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  17. Your style and your photos are absolutely gorgeous... love your blog!

  18. love your outfit :) do you have asian roots? you're really pretty :)
    love from germany,

  19. The light in this photos is amazing! I could completely mistaken your pictures with ones from a magazine photoshoot!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  20. Hello hun, great blog and great pics. :) If you want follow each other, let me know, follow me and I will follow you back! ;) Have a nice day dear.

  21. Love your sunnies! Nice outfit! xx