Friday, 12 September 2014

Not a big deal

Tribal is still one of my favorite pattern. And especially this color is quite colorful and look cute. So, i decide to make a peplum skirt just for complete my wardrobe. Mixing for the top is not a big deal because the pattern color is playful so i guess any color is fine for mix and match this look.
Happy upcoming weekend, loves!<3 Hope yall have a great great one :)

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Kimono is one of the favorite hot items this lately so i decide to made one just for fun. but it turn not bad, maybe i should made the another piece? Playing with some other material and pattern as well, yes?
This some pieces clothes are my favorite actually, i'm a big fan of shorts and this one is my non-stop wearing item. and combine it with white crop top is never fail. and cover up with the kimono, so wallaaa! as simple as you want :) 
Happy weekend, loves <3

Friday, 5 September 2014

Dotted Dots

Happy earlier weekend, loves, hope you've done great this week and have a great following weekend as well :)
Here as I said on my previous post, i'm going to post the other look from my collection, and hopefully soon for the other look.
From most favorite cotton material, this dress make from the best cotton in town and cute polkadot pattern. Simple, girly and super comfy for any casual occasion, such as lunch to casual meeting. And this dress has a waist cutting that bring us back to the 50s cutting look, but this kind of style is take their popularity once again in this era. Who doesn't love flare skirt anyway? Waist cutting and flare skirt make their combo really lovely, aren't they?
This skirt is half circle cutting, but! if you want to have your own full circle cutting, we can do it for you, and as well, like my previous look, we do custom size and so many color option! Grab one or more soon :) or if yall have any question or for more information, my line ID is cindy.wilson or check my instagram at bycindywilson.
Have a wonderfull weekend, lovely soul <3

Monday, 1 September 2014

String Bae

Hi peeps! Here my first look from my collection, i'm going to post some more soon, hopefully yall loved it, and can get some more inspiration. I might post another following look next few days, be patient guys :)
And for yall who stay in Indonesia, i am selling this look and shipping it all over Indonesia :) You guys can choose all your favorite color, I give some option for it. And here i'd love to explain a little bit about this look. First, this fabric is light but not thin, so it won't be see-through. Second, the back is has a unique cutting, some string attached as well, like in the picture. Then, for the clothes it self, its kind of box cutting. You can have your own measurement, I have some X,M,L size, but if you guys like to have your own size, we can did that special request for you, as well for the length :) However, sorry guys, its not shipping for outside Indonesia yet, and its not ready stock :( you have to pre-order it and it takes around 2-4 weeks, but we will make it as fast as possible hopefully :)
For more information or any question, you can email me at, line me at cindy.wilson or you can go follow the instagram @bycindywilson :)
Hope yall like it, and thank you for the attention :)
Have a nice week ahead, loves <3