Tuesday, 23 December 2014


It's feel great to be back on the blog. Such a long time and 2014 is almost over! Time really fly so fast!
Anyway, this is the new experiment for mixing a tribal and lace, for me at least. Tribal patterns are identified as bohemian look, and lace is a classic story, and mixing it together makes the new whole thing for me, I never get an idea of it but when I randomly mix it, and viola! thats doesn't look awkward at all, and I would like to try another mixing era in future! And this outfits are made by order, you can check it in instagram of mine in bycindywilson for any details :)
Have a great great Christmas eve people! Wishing you all the lovely early Christmas. As you know, some of the places on this earth are in coldest season of the year, so keep warm, be healthy and be safe <3 <3 <3