Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Happy wednesday, peeps! Or maybe tuesday on some other place.
How was the monday? Hope there is no "i hate monday" thing.
I have this outfit on few days back then. This kind of my "identity" outfit, because I'm actually tomboy, but I love to wear skirt as well on the other side. When I have nothing to wear, I always go with leggings and oversized shirt. However, on this look, I change the shirt. I change with a crop top that I love the pattern on it, then put a semi-army jacket made from cotton. This fit the weather well as here is raining almost everyday. Then put on a knitted beanie or you call it beret? And I end up with the really old black ankle sneaker that I got almost 3/4 years ago and I realize that my feet number doesn't change at all. There are 3 cool zipper behind the shoes that I think this kind of cool!
Hope you enjoy, get some inspiration and I'll see you on the next post <3
Have a wonderful week :)

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Electric Feel

Hi everyone! Hope yall doing great in the whole weekday because weekend is starting!
Few week ago I obsessed with ankle length pants and harem, so I decided to make one, I just finish the ankle one, not with the harem yet because I actually have one but its really old already. Combine it wit a button down chiffon shirt, I think I made it a bit semi formal. The pleats at the chest area make this look young and not boring. And end up with open toe heels with a same tone as my top. I guess if you wear an ankle pants, its better to wear heels or shoes or whatever it is that just as high as your under ankle so it shows your ankle. However, everything is fine as long as it comfy.
Have a great weekend babes <3

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Va Va Voom

Happy 2014 gorgeous people! And merry very jolly late Christmas as well. Sorry for being late but I think we still at the season of Christmas and new year, are we? :) What you up to at the most favorite holiday season of the year? I hope you guys have a really great great great one!
Rain here is get intense here, its almost everyday but however it is, I rarely feel annoyed of rain because I naturally love rain since I was a child. This look reminds of a really common water color we know, blue. The top that I wear is a biiiitttt oversize and semi crop, so its kind of hard for me to keep tuck it in at the back because it will pull out every time I bend or when I do anything, so I just leave it outside. And pair it with the bandage skirt that has a same tone color and I just love how they look together, its kind of balancing each other. Since I look quite pale here I decided to put a red cherry color lipstick, as well its has a same tone as my necklace and shoes.
See you at the next post! Have a great weekend <3