Sunday, 5 January 2014

Va Va Voom

Happy 2014 gorgeous people! And merry very jolly late Christmas as well. Sorry for being late but I think we still at the season of Christmas and new year, are we? :) What you up to at the most favorite holiday season of the year? I hope you guys have a really great great great one!
Rain here is get intense here, its almost everyday but however it is, I rarely feel annoyed of rain because I naturally love rain since I was a child. This look reminds of a really common water color we know, blue. The top that I wear is a biiiitttt oversize and semi crop, so its kind of hard for me to keep tuck it in at the back because it will pull out every time I bend or when I do anything, so I just leave it outside. And pair it with the bandage skirt that has a same tone color and I just love how they look together, its kind of balancing each other. Since I look quite pale here I decided to put a red cherry color lipstick, as well its has a same tone as my necklace and shoes.
See you at the next post! Have a great weekend <3


  1. Very nice skirt I want one. Nice color pop of jewelry nicely put together!

  2. you look so pretty !! love your necklace !! thanks for the follow :) i am following on GFC , twitter and on bloglovin :) xx

  3. i loved the shirt! where is it from???

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Got a new post in BLOG.THE.DREAMS.COM Hope you like it!