Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Cravings 2

Disco pants are running on my mind this several days, this kind of bottom are look super cool and chic. For me this pants give a super stunning look effect, with the simply hight waisted and skinny cutting, it can tighten your belly (of course it flatten your belly also), push up your butt and makes your legs look super long! Moreover, it has shiny-metalic-hologram (or whatever is it) color look effect too. Its like bring it back the 70s or 80s fashion trend. Somehow it look like legging or something that can wear for aerobic but that is cool and just really fine. Several design is in short as well, and I think the short disco pants isn't bad since I am a huge fans of shorts. Long or shorts both are look naughty but gorgeous and cool all at the same time <3

Some-other that running on my mind is this creepers. It just look boyish and sometimes is a bit gothic and rock but it just really fine too. The high soles just give a strong look, it like "you never can step over on my shoes". Some of it design in sandals or even wedges but whatever is it still look super cool! There are many design that came out these days, people are just getting creative and fashionable every sigle second! This kind of shoes are just badass for me <3

Monday, 8 April 2013

Dress Up Like Hipster

Tank Top : H&M
Shorts : Glassons
Shoes : Forever21

Its just perfect afternoon to take a photo.
Happy monday readers, have a nice week!

Friday, 5 April 2013

Cold Coffee

It was my very first time I have my very own petter-pan collar in my closet. I know it is too late but it is better then none at all. Petter-pan collar was an extremely popular back then. It is a gift from my friend, Diana, she as well appear at the last 4 picture with the long dress. I'm never fall in love with petter-pan collar, but after she gave me this pretty lace pepulm blouse, I start change my mind and petter-pan collar isn't that bad! :)
The lace pattern is pretty and this is comfy as well. I wore that with black high-waitsted short that i bought at brand outlet. I'm quite a big fans of shorts.
This picture was taken after heavy raining at here. This few weeks weather here isn't really friendly. However, we keep enjoying it, you can see in those 4 last pictures, it was stupid and crazy moment but we have fun! Keep healthy guys!