Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Pumpkin Day

Happy Halloween everyone! Wish you all have a great Halloween day wherever you are :)
This look isn't really that into Halloween costume actually, but if you can see altough its not clear enough, I had my skull pattern on my harem pants, I know, thats doesn't even mean I just wear it for Halloween but whatever. I got this pants somewhere over the online shop few years ago, and this pants is extremely super comfy! I'm not lying but for the first few months when I got this pants, I almost wear it non-stop! Really! Then the crop shirts I got it from Topshop. And for sandals I forget where I got it but this one is quite new and comfortable as well, this sandals is just can perfectly hide my huge foot I guess. I added a little devil ear, I just found it that I get it from one of the night theme park few years ago when me and my siblings did a vacation.
So, I don't really celebrate Halloween honestly. However, I remember when I was 5 years old, I celebrate a Halloween for the first time with some of my neighbors, my brother and my nanny as well. We were dress up like whatever we want to, there are a princess, superhero, zombie, scary nurse, witch and etc, we didn't really had a trick or treat, or maybe I can say we just did the treat? Each of us bring a basket of sweets and chocolate and we gather around somewhere together and exchange it then we just chit chat, playing, and take some photos and I still those photos anyway. But, as I grow older, I never did it anymore, but last year I went to costume party with my girls and my friends and that super fun! I usually missed the Halloween event or sometimes I spend it at home watching horror movie, I'm such a huge, massive, big, fanatic fans of horror film, but won't watch it alone, there must be someone with me even that person doesn't watch it, at least there must be a human near me.
What you guys up to for this Halloween? Or what you guys did when you were a kid?
Happy Halloween again, readers <3 :) xoxo


  1. great look dear, we follow you now. hope you will do the same. kisses from Kenya

  2. For halloween we do the same thing every year, we celebrate it at the cemetery. hehehe
    ive never gone to an actual dress up halloween party.
    i would really like to do that one day.

    i like the bright photos btw!

    followed you via GFC :)

    follow for follow?

  3. Such funny pictures :)
    Happy Halloween!

  4. I really like your pants!

  5. looking gorgeous dear. love the pants <3

  6. Happy halloween! Nice outfit!
    and I am your newest follower, please follow back it's your turn now ;)

    sweet and sugars,