Friday, 30 August 2013

Gifted Present

 Its been such a forever to un-post anything in my blog, sorry for that. I've been extremely busy around couple month ago because my final project and graduation thingy but now I've graduated and this just unbelievable how time flies so freaking fast. I'm now back to my country and map out some bunch of activity or maybe future career?
For this outfit I just found to mix and match it after I re-arranging my closet. The dress I got for my birthday present from one of my favorite girl back then in collage life, I love the fabric, its stretch and a bit heavy but its cool. I mix it with with the base-ball jacket so it look a sporty and girly at the same time. Also I tone down the accessories because, I don't know, this lately I don't really feel accessorize my self. However, the arrow shape necklace is quite simple but stunning and I think its cool to mix it with the dress because it won't be to much, I also got it from my another favorite girl as well for my birthday present again, and the ring I match it with the necklace color, silver, and this one os from my super roommate that I spend most of my life with her when in collage. And last but not least, for the shoes I just wear jersey sneaker, again I got it from my another favorite girl, to match it with my baseball jacket.
I'd love to post more to share with you people who read my blog and hopefully I can post more ofter from now, and have a nice coming weekend <3


  1. Great outfit,your dress is adorable!

  2. you look really cute in this dress and love how your paired it with baseball jacket :)

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  3. Very cool outfit.
    I love your sunglasses :)

  4. hi dear :) you look great!

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